Letting Go… Decisions and Their Consequences


Life is change.

We let go of the Old in order to make space for the New.

It is a constant process. It is life’s only constant. 

It feels great, one feels alive and vibrant. 

Sometimes we want to hold on, even if deep within we feel that we are stuck and that holding on is not going to make us happy, we resist. And as we all know, when you resist, it persists. 

In order to let go, we have to take decisions. 

How do we know we took the right one? 

Personally, whenever I took a decision and felt utterly light, good within, I knew it was right for me. In those cases I could embrace the world. I smile, dance and I feel as if I wings. 

Every decision one takes has consequences. Can I know all the consequences? For sure not! But I can spread my wings and fly through the eventual storm, or simply be able to embrace others concerned by my decision. 

Bottom Line: use your intuition, follow your heart. We all can feel what is right or wrong for us, at any moment deep within. Once you tried it, you will trust yourself more and more. 

So, I don’t know what happens tomorrow, but I know I will have faith and force to overcome any consequence, I am not afraid, I am not sad. I just decided now. Now I feel delighted and good about it. My heart jumps in my chest. The decision has been taken out of a feeling of love and was by no means based on fear. 

This is what changes everything. Take decisions from the heart. There is no way fearful consequences arise, because you know within that all is as it has to be… Just Now. 

Trust your beautiful inner You! You are so much stronger than you believe and able to not only overcome but to let go with love in your heart, in your body, in your words. 



I Love Me


I found myself in a struggle this morning. I pushed away the person I love some days ago. I had to. Why? Because I felt that he was here to fill the gap of affection, of love which I could not give myself. How can we ask or expect this from anyone? Are we aware of what we ask for? This is crazy! How can we make somebody responsible for that? Because we love? And we want to be loved back? … I need to find my love, for myself first. Of course, we believe we push away the person because HE acted ‘weird/paid no attention’… Rubbish! We expect something, which we are unable to give ourselves. I shared this with my beloved Mr L. So he said ‘Take all the time you need, dear’ That was yesterday morning.

I was so happy, felt so light and thought ‘Yes! You did it because you are responsible for yourself, because now you are on the right path’ Not later than 10PM I got bored of this wonderful path, because loneliness, the need of affection came back, big time! I sent Mr L a message on WhatApp because I missed him, because I was afraid I need to read him telling me how much he loves me, because I felt lonely and my fears came back… ‘Here you go! Congratulations’ I thought. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh, fear was back.

This morning I woke up and felt fear. Loneliness. Pain. Then I thought, what is it that hurts? Is love able to hurt? My answer is no, it cannot.

Love is unconditional. Love cannot hurt. Any attachment to somebody of whom you think you need, of whom you think ‘Why doesn’t he reply to my message?’ and the following pain in your throat and solar plexus are signs, that you are still not where need to be… In love with yourself. For sure, as soon as you read the answer, you feel fulfilled. In my case, there was no answer! Instead I saw the two bloody Blue hooks, which confirm that the message has been read… I hate these Blue hooks, yet they pushed me to go within… What can I say? Thank you WhatsApp??

Of course it is not about the hooks, yet the pain grew. I had the choice of cultivating it, or of letting go. I didn’t go through all those past years for continuing to dwell in fear…

So I sat down and looked at the pain in my body. I realised that it was there for a reason. It needs to be released. Not by a message on WhatsApp from my beloved one, no! I am here to love myself, to forgive myself for ignoring that it is not the other person who is ‘love provider’, the fountain from which I can help myself and fill up my void.

I sat down, closed my eyes and went deep down into my pain body. I looked at the throat, where I had this horrible feeling of fear which resulted in nausea, then I went to my heart which itched, then to my solar plexus. I looked at these points which expressed the pain and fear. Then, all the sudden I realized how empty I felt and this is when I said to myself “Elke, I love you’ I whispered it, I almost did not dare to speak these words, but I had to, because there was so much to give. Where did it come from?

I saw my body from within. I realized, that I do not love it. I criticize it all the time. I started to speak with my cells, my organs. Then I went deeper down and all the sudden I did not see anything physical anymore. There was emptiness, a void which felt like pure bliss. I heard myself saying ‘Hello! This is you, this is me. I love you. Please take this love and feel it. I am here to love you, I am love’ The most beautiful feeling arose. Soft, tender, warm. The fear left. Nausea is still there, I can still feel my throat. My heart feels strange and I am simply letting go of expectations and attachment. My mind cannot wrap its mind around what is happening.

Does it have to?

Do I need to know what is happening, if all I can do is feel it?

My hands started to vibrate. They still do as I write. My body is vibrating, it trembles. As fear leaves, bliss takes over. Is it that simple? Is this really it? Is it possible that letting go of pain, fear, doubts and feeling love for yourself, love yourself, might be that simple?

YES! It IS. It is such a small, tiny step to do.

I asked myself why… Well, because this is our essence. We are this pure consciousness. It is here! Now. We do not have to look for it, search it. It IS who we ARE.

I sit here in awe. In awe for discovering myself, in awe for this ability to love, to let go of expectations, of this mind which thinks ‘I need to be loved. I am lonely and it makes me sad’ I embrace this beautiful mind and wrap it up with LOVE. It calms down.

Music plays, I turn up the volume, I smile. ‘Welcome back! Anyone else needs a love-dose? Please, feel free, feel it! This is all there ever was, IS and will be!’

The ways to get there might be bumpy, hard, you cross deep valleys and climb the highest mountains. Yet, the consciousness, the essence of who you are is with you, all the time!  Whether you climb, are in awe when get to the top and appreciate the view or struggle and sweat to get there!

Everything we need, we are already.

This, dear reader, is why it is so simple. So mind-blowing, this is why our complicated mind cannot wrap its mind around it! The mind acts by reasoning, conditions are created to be logic, to find a reason.

Love does not need reasons or conditions. It IS.

Go there and feel it. Uncover it within.

It is simple. So simple. Pain is no harm, it leads you to where you need to go. Fear and pain are merely guides. You will need them less and less. So do not fight them, accept them, look at them and then you see that they disappear, all by themselves.

Be Yourself. Feel Yourself… and Love, Love, Love… Always.

Enjoy the day, enjoy yourself and thank all those beautiful souls around you who show you the way until you say and feel

I love Me

My Dark Night Of The Soul


The past five months have been the most intense I experienced.

My personal dark night of the soul.

I am happy to have met what people may call a twin flame. I do not need to put a name or definition on this relationship. I met a wonderful man, Mr L,  I love him. When you meet a person who makes you feel that finally you arrived back ‘home’; well, it is for a reason. This person will reflect you 100%. This is true for any relationship in our life. The thing is just, when you connect with another person on every single level, consciousness, soul, physically, spiritually… well then you are more than invited to have a look within yourself. Feeling this connectedness allows you to experience unconditional love, moments of peace, moments of excitement… and then there are moments of fear, doubts. Your ego hits back. Your soul is at peace, but your ego is not. It wants to hold on. It wants, it expects. This is when my dark night of the soul started.

The reflection is complete. 360°. No escape possible. It feels as if inner demons, which you forgot about, which you put into Pandora’s box and wished they would erase themselves once and for always… well they all scream and pop up and feel horribly real.

Unless one wants to numb oneself, but this is not what I need or wish to do anymore. Be prepared that everything will be uncovered: the ‘Good’ and the Fears which are still stuck, old believes, behavior patterns… Buckle your seatbelt!  So this is not about a romantic love-story (yet?), it is about finding yourself, beginning to be honest with yourself, realization, letting go of fears, stopping to expect whatsoever from friends, family, boyfriend etc.

I am invited to meet myself, finally. To discover the deep abyss of old fears and to rise like Phoenix from the ashes.

Holy Cow! Little did I know beginning of December, when I started to communicate for hours each day with this wonderful man, this beautiful being who makes me feel so wonderful warm within when I think of him.

Now, looking back at the past months and weeks, days, this morning, I feel inner peace, I feel that I was and am still able to let go. The moments when I walked through the inner depths of doubts, pain, feeling despair, worthlessness… they are a memory. I do not know how many times I was ready to leave this body. Asking myself questions of why I am here, why do I have to go through this? I thought I would become insane.

The answers came, slowly, yet they were always within, I simply did not listen.

I am ready to finally meet me.

I am ready to speak my truth.

I am me and nobody else, I stop being someone else in front of certain friends, because I am afraid of what they could think. Choosing your own path sometimes means, that certain persons around you, will not accompany any longer. New persons enter your life.

Your heart opens up. You are aware of your own power to heal and let go. You start to believe in what you love to do, no matter how silly or crazy these ideas, projects might be judged by others. You are becoming honest to yourself. Finally!

You liberate yourself. I do not say it is easy. It wasn’t for me. I spent days crying without any apparent reason. I spent days in my flat, not seeing anyone. I wanted to die, I wanted to live, I wanted to get out of my body, my skin.

We are reflected, we have people who can help us; but the last 100m are to be done all by ourselves. I can tell that there were several 100m lanes I walked down at once. I cannot complain of not having had the choice, my personal Interstate 10 was in front of me…

I did it. I still do it as I write.

I wish to share, that there IS the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Please believe me, there were many moments during the past five months where I did not believe in any light or divine or myself. But going back to my old life as I used to live it before March 2011 was impossible. So I found myself in this state of in-between. I looked back: no option. I looked in front of me: I didn’t see any light! So I went within… It was not about moving forward or backwards. It was about standing still and going within.

It is worth going through this very dark night. It is ok to suffer and to not be able to let go tout de suite of your fears, belief systems. You will! I wasn’t sure, I simply surrendered. I found wonderful help in interviews of Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster, talking to some awaken friends, communicating with Mr L.

The complications and complexity we might confront in the nature of relationships are there to reflect your own complexity. Here again, I expected affection from Mr L, from others. Affection which I could not give myself. The reason why I attracted this nature of relationship with a man who lives in a different country and who has his own life, becomes all the sudden so clear and helpful and I would not like it to have been different. It showed me beautifully the way back to myself.

Dear Reader, if this sounds familiar and you are about to freak out, please don’t feel bad about it. Accept your pain and fears and then you let them go. It is in situations of deepest despair and depression that we are the closest to this inner sparkle of life. It is a small step, a tiny one. I read it, I heard it. I only believed it, when I did this step. You feel it within. It is there. You are already complete and powerful. Let this inner strength, this power be again.

I retreat at the moment. I asked Mr L to give me time to find myself, to be able to give myself the affection, the love I was looking for in others. I have all the time I need. Love makes everything possible. It is not about the result, the question is not, if Mr L and I will end up together happily ever after. Nobody knows what will happen. This relationship as it is NOW, allows me to experience what I need, just NOW. Not years ago, not in one year from now.

Follow your own inner voice. Only you can tell what is good for you. Nobody else is in your shoes. Only you are.

After my ‘awakening’ four years ago, I thought I need to be this and that. I did not speak out my truth fully… Now four years later, I am getting there. I feel love, peace, I smile, I take one step after the other. I thought “Oh My God! I have to love everybody, I have to be understanding, I have to do this and that” Cut it! Have a break. You do not have to do anything! You are already all that is. It simply needs some sort of fine-tuning within.

I wish to thank all the beautiful souls who helped me in so many ways. Some I know personally, others posted inspiring articles and links, friends who listened to me when I cried, other helped me by rejecting me to find my way. I love each and everyone of them. They all are parts, reflections of myself.

Life is beautiful, when you feel alive and truly live it. This is important. Life is not meant to be a struggle and some sort of survival rather than living.

Be the beautiful You. You Are!

Think big, be crazy, dream, realise your dreams, believe in them. No matter what others think.

Tap into your power, because this is who you are: the most powerful and loving person.

You are your hero you have been waiting for.

Nothing you do is wrong. Just do it. Listen to your inner guide.



Always… and don’t forget to smile…





When “Yes, but…” Becomes “SO WHAT!”


“Yes, but” … SO WHAT!

Listen to yourself, listen to others and realise how many times people start reasoning with the two famous words “YES, BUT… ” You will also find their famous friends “IF ONLY I HAD / DID… THEN”

Today I would love to speak about “SO WHAT”, the new “Yes, But…” 

Live the life you wish to live.

Here is what I hear the more often “Yes, but you know Elke, I feel that when I have a new job/boyfriend/my children being successful at school/my dog being healed from his neuro-psychotic issues/my divorce being pronounced… then I will find some time to reflect/then I will feel better/then I will be happy…”

Is that so?

Let me ask you some questions.

What is between the “Yes, but – Now” moment and the “then I will” moment?

How will you feel in between these moments?

How do you know that THEN is going to be realised?


Why do you rely on exterior circumstances or persons, in order to feel better THEN?

Do you feel better thanks to others just NOW? – Please, read this question twice. We all have good friends already, right? So, do you feel better NOW, because you have friends who love you already NOW. Are you sure, another person THEN will make you feel better, whereas NOW those who love you do not seem to make a difference or have influence on your inner peace… Think about this… Do you see what I mean? Please, feel free to start your answer with “Yes, but…” Does it feel peaceful? You decide. Only you know… I am simply asking questions…

You wait… for then… Why?

Do you feel seriously, deep within yourself, that waiting for the job, will definitely make you feel better about yourself? Do you think that the next salary raise will you make happy? Until when? Yet, another THEN?

THEN… And NOW? How do you feel NOW? Don’t you wish to live now? Before THEN comes?

Let me tell you something: You are able to feel happy, to be at ease with yourself NOW. You do not need to wait for THEN.

You don’t believe me? That is OK. I was there too. I was so much in the “Yes, but…” moment, that I almost lost myself chasing my own happiness, looking forward to THEN, forgetting about NOW. I hear you, dear reader. I know that we have busy lives, at least I know we think so. 

Let me also tell you that you have the power and the peace to say “Wait a moment. Stop all this for a while. Is this what life is about? A perpetual chasing behind something better to come? Is this it? Does my well-being really depend on others? Do I need to distract myself with some mood enhancers in order to make my mind shut up? In order to stop the clutter, this none-stop voice in my head?”

Be Yourself. Reach for the stars, as you are the stars already.

Realise the Life You Wish, as You Are All That Is already.

It is not a dream, you are the master of your dream to become true.


Realise that only you are responsible for yourself. Free yourself from doubts and fears about yourself. People criticizing your decisions to leave beaten tracks simply kindly reflect your last remaining doubts. Their words or actions will only make you feel ‘bad’ or ‘hurt’ you, as long as YOU, and ONLY YOU still have doubts about yourself.

You are still a single? You still feel lonely and sad about it? Well, how about a date with yourself? How about starting to love and accept yourself? You are like a beautiful, very tasteful cake. A partner is the cherry on the cake. Yet, this cherry doesn’t really change the beauty, the consistence, the taste of the cake. It merely is a decoration, something beautiful to experience, but let’s suppose the cherry falls down or somebody else comes, takes it away and eats it? Is the cake less ‘good’? Less tasty? No. And trust me, there are many cherries in the world😉 You are the one to love yourself first. All you feel about yourself is going to be felt by others, is going to be reflected, hence this is what you will experience in any kind of relationships.

You complain because you work too much? You feel that your company will not survive if you are not doing everything and even more? Well, then why don’t you change it? Stop. Lean back. Ask yourself “What do I want?” …

“Yes, but” is what you want to answer? …

Why not believing that life can be different? Wouldn’t it be great to live in peace with oneself? NOW, not THEN and to take back responsibility? To hold on one moment and to say “I believe in myself. Now!” You are able to. Maybe you forgot about it, maybe you do not believe me, but please be sure, that you are able to do it. Now. Not Then, nor in 10 years when your children leave the house or in 6 months when you are finally divorced from Mr or Mrs Smith…

All I can do, is share my personal experience. I decided to live life differently. Please be sure that some of my friends think I am crazy, wasting my best years, totally lost it. Others expressed their thoughts verbally and expressed them in quite emotional ways. SO WHAT!? It is my life. I do not need them to believe in me, my choice of life, my believes. I do. Yet, they love me in their way of loving people. In their way of loving themselves.

I love them the way they are. Being able to say “So what” may be seen as something frightening to those whose lives are based on “Yes, but / One has to do this, because / If we lived in a different world, but here… No. This is not how it works” Each of us is free to live life as we see and experience it.

The thing is, our mind thinks in very limiting ways. We forgot that absolutely anything is possible. Yes, we can make it happen. I know, this sounds crazy, but aren’t the crazy ones, who actually change the world? Interestingly, we call the crazy ones those who come up with truly great things, with inventions, soothing words, wisdom and peace. Rarely those who seem to be attached to power, greed, walk over dead bodies, send their brothers and sisters and children to war are openly defined as the crazy ones… Do you realise that? No judgement here, as they are us too. But it just popped up in my mind. It is as if “Yes, but… you understand this is necessary”, this acceptance of fear-based life inhibits us to the point, that as soon as there are people stepping out of it, are pointed at… well, I guess this is for a next post to be written😉

Our mind wants to protect us. At least this is what we think… So, based upon some sort of ‘security-check’ it will try to sort out different outcomes.

What is security? Does it come from without? Isn’t it rather something we feel within?

Security is necessary, when we are afraid. As long as there is fear, we will try to create security and laws, traditions and so called values in order to feel safe. From what exactly? Where is this real danger? Why fear? If everything is possible? Do you see what mean? It starts within yourself, then we live it, create reality with-out. Somehow people tend to believe it is the other way round. Don’t you think so?

Are you feeling the need to answer “Yes, but…” ?

First we want to leave fear based thinking, which actually leads us to live life based on fears. Fears are limiting. In a reality with indefinite possibilities of creation, we hold on to something limiting?! Amazing, isn’t it. Just as people who said we will once be able to fly. They were laughed at. Why? Because others said “It’s impossible; it is much too dangerous in any case” Or that the world is round… Remember? People would laugh and say “No way, we would all fall into emptiness. The world is a plate and we really do not need to go too far, because at one point we fall into emptiness” Discoverers, scientists, philosophers all went through stages of being ridiculed… until peoples’ minds evolved, because they opened it.

Maybe now some will say “Yes, but this is different!” Is it? Are you sure? Then please tell me how? In which way is it different? If some of us hadn’t gone and thought in being able to do, to discover the ‘impossible’, well we would still be here, sitting in some cave. No internet, no Skype, no airplanes. Not that all this is necessary to be happy, to feel inner peace! For sure it is not, I just try to give concrete examples which are easy to grasp. The procedure within is the same. Without deep believe in the impossible, it will not happen. 

Why should it be different for you? You are your own discoverer, scientist, master of your life.

I know that many people say “Oh, you have no idea, how on earth can I do this, given the fact that I have to deal with my job, my sick grandmother…” I know. Would you believe, that if we really want to do something, if it comes from the heart, without doubts and fears, life makes it happen? All the sudden problems will resolve. The unthinkable becomes real. All the sudden we find solutions and our dream can unfold, the pieces of our puzzle fall into place and the big picture becomes true. All by itself. How? Because we believe in ourselves. Because we have the power to do it. This is who we are. All that Is.

This is why it is really important to literally be ‘out of the mind’. Whenever people tell me this, I say ‘Thank You so much! Indeed, I am out of mind. Thank God’

A beautiful side-effect of living life free from fear, is that one is happy and peaceful with what he or she lives just right now. Having less money, no Porsche in the garage or being a single does not make them feel less good or unhappy. Detachment from many things, life happens and unfolds. Happiness depends less on matter or other persons. In the same time it will be lived and experienced with more joy, when it comes.

So, yes, you start to say “So what”. Limiting believes are slowly replaced by confidence within yourself.

You feel and live the conscious power you Are.

Move away from Fear. Move away from “Yes, but…” If “Yes, but” was real, the truth, wouldn’t this be sad? YES BUT is making people sick, depressive, they try to escape this more and more unbearable reality. Some do it by drinking, taking drugs, doing extreme sports; anything to produce endorphins and to forget the heavy weight of “Yes, but”.

Again, only you are able to decide for yourself.

Are you ready to believe in yourself?

Are you ready to live now?

Are you ready to say “So what!” ?

Are you ready to discover yourself and to shed off fear? Layer by Layer?

Are you ready to Be?

Anything you want?



Monday Morning Thoughts…


Life is perpetual change.

The sooner we realise this, the better we start to live.

People sometimes tend to hold on to situations, persons, moments. They experience a moment and try to hold on to it.

Expectations. Thoughts. Thinking ‘this is perfect’. Why do we expect something? We do not even know the outcome, we only think we know that a certain situation ‘must be the best’. It is all about our thoughts, our mind telling us what apparently is the best. Based on what? On what we have been told? On observation? Culture? Tradition? Because our parents lived this way? Because one ‘has to do this’?


What is perfection? We are 7 billion human beings and each of us will give you different definitions on ‘perfection’. Again, it is all in our heads. We start to think ahead, based on past experiences, education and so on.

So, what is with the present moment? Just NOW? Do we actually appreciate it? Spending time in our mind, creating thoughts about which consequences the situation COULD result or regretting what we did…

Do you see what I mean?

The present moment is the only one we have, the only one we can actually live in peace.

All the rest is detail.

All the rest is thinking about EVENTUAL possibilities. Do you imagine? There are indefinite possibilities. Why spending the NOW with eventualities?  When do we actually live consciously then?

We may have been educated and raised like this, but it is only us who are able to go back to the NOW. For ‘real’… what is real? Probably nothing. We live in a world created of our own thoughts and believe systems. One consciousness. This is really all there is.

There is nobody to be blamed. We simply have the choice to live motivated by fear or to re-discover our being-ness, or wonderful, powerful and all there Is-ness.

There are days we do it, there are days we don’t. This is ok. There is no hurry. This is not a race, we do not compete. It Is. Life Is.

When I am overwhelmed by doubts or fears, I lean back, I let fears arise, I embrace them. At one point I smile, I feel light and the acceptance of illusions makes it disappear. Funny. Other persons have different ways to deal with life.

Most of the time I look around me and think of how powerful we are to materialize this reality. I ask myself if people realise it too. Then I walk and smile. For me it is almost like sitting in a theatre. I walk to the office, I see the beauty and magnificence of this city and I think ‘Wow. How powerful to create matter’ This is who we are, this power. Unable to define it. It is LIFE. Do you realise this? This power? We take it for granted, but we are what/who makes our heart beat! We take for granted that a child is created. But think of what makes the heart beat? It is LIFE. It IS. No definition possible of this powerful energy. This is who we are.  How can this powerful energy cease to exist? It cannot.

Do you feel who you are?

Now, tell me, do you think somebody or something can harm you? No. Never ever. This energy IS. So called ‘harm’ is what we create based on fear. All together, we sit in the same boat, dear reader. Anything we see is illusion. If we wished we could make this world a paradise. Within a second. This is why meditations for peace made the level of criminality decline in certain cities. This is what we are able to do. Very simple.

When friends speak about their problems I try as much as I can to explain this. I do not expect them to understand. Yet, I try to explain that there is no blame. Not for the speaker or the person he/she talks about. We meet persons in order to be reflected. When you are conscious, you see very clearly that especially couples who ‘complain’ about the other, simply express their own fears, their own doubts and insecurities. Now they expect that the other has to change, in order to feel better. But the other person is simply a mirror… and vice-versa.

So what is there to be done ? Change yourself and your life changes.

Change = live NOW. Within yourself. Listen to your intuition. Have no expectation, as expectation is yet again another eventuality which we believe is the best. What do we know? How can our mind be able to decide over who we are? Consciousness Is Who we Are. This is where the circle closes itself.

We always return to It. To what Is.

The same goes for judgements. Why do we judge? Again, judgements are based on what is believed to be right or wrong. What is RIGHT? What is WRONG? Was there one person eons ago who made a list? It is like perfection. As long, as we do not remember that all is one, as long as we do not live NOW, as long as we do not step outside the mind-setting which is based on fears… well, we will not be able to BE to the full. That being said, we ARE ALWAYS ALREADY. But in our human mind, we sometimes tend to forget.

Yet again, people judge because it procures them security. A very short lived feeling of security. Inner fears and doubts remain. It is not by blaming the other, by saying ‘This is so wrong’ that the inner fear is solved. Judging is a temporary solution to feel better. Yet we do not. What happens then? Well, we will be reflected all over again. As long as we carry the belief in fear, illusion with us, this illusion will materialise again and again. This means, that whenever we are confronted to a ‘bad’ situation, we are not meant to ‘suffer’, but to embrace it, to show gratitude and feel that it is a simple invitation to see an opportunity to BE who/what we are and therefor to change, to live. We change reality, by changing ourselves. This is why Dr Len ‘healed’ his patients, he released himself of the fear, of the energy which created the patients.

It is just in our heads! Look, when you encounter a painful situation, ask yourself what is really causing the pain… Is it because you THINK it is WRONG. Why is something wrong? How can it be wrong if we create it? If every experience is an opportunity to rise? How can we possibly judge somebody for something we, as one consciousness created?

Ask yourself another question: Isn’t it much more easy to feel and know that the only person responsible for your life and well-being is YOU? Instead of giving away your responsibility and believing that the others are ‘wrong and harm you’? It is such a relief to experience any situation as an opportunity to rise. Take back your responsibility. Step out of common ‘in the box’ thinking.


This is how powerful we are… Then at one point we must have lost it. Somehow we began to believe in this human experience for being real… But maybe this is what we wanted to experience. Who knows…

Again, I only share my truth. I try very hard to find words, to share my experience in a way that it doesn’t make it sound as if I judge those who do not share my believes. I do accept and respect everybody’s truth. I did not live like this since ever. At one point my life changed drastically and I went with the flow, I surrendered. This is really important for me. I share, I do not tell people what to do. Again, there is no ‘better or worse’ way of life. I am simply an aspect of you, of all that is.

With this, dear reader, I love and leave you. My day started with changes I couldn’t even imagine last night when I went to bed… I will take them and see what happens. Just Now. One moment at the time. It feels calm and I feel being me. Just now. No fears, no doubts. Just knowing that I have a day off, enjoying to ‘hang out’ and be…

Be Yourself.



We Live Forever – Because We Are – No Ending, No Beginning


I remember when my grand father died and I found myself standing at the grave. Starring at all the people, wearing Black, being sad. I must have been around 5 years old, but I remember, as if it was yesterday. I thought “Why are they sad?” I also know, that I talked to somebody. My mother told me “As usual you were speaking to your invisible friends. Angels. I always let you do this. I did not care. Even though friends said that I should tell you, these friends do not exist. I think they did. You were asking them why people were sad. You did not understand and you kept telling me ‘Mum, they are not dead. They live. We all live, forever’. I smiled and said ‘You will understand, later in life, when you grow older’ ”

Well, here I am ‘later in life’ and 35 years older and all I can repeat is what I said when I was 5 years old.

Not only am I unable to feel sadness or grief when somebody dies, but I am happy and I communicate with him/her. There is really no difference to me whether someone is still in a body or not.

The other day a neighbour died. I just stepped into the building and in the entry hall I saw his body (he was wrapped in one of these Black plastic zipper-bags). It wasn’t spooky or horrible. It felt simply all empty, life-less. Conscious-less.

A couple of weeks ago a friend left his body and went back home (this is what I call ‘to die’). I don’t suffer or miss him. He is here. How can he not? And the good thing is that I can talk to him now whenever I wish: no more different time zones to be respected, no more prayers to the ‘God of Skype’ are needed when all the sudden instead of your friend’s face you see pixels all over your screen and all you hear is odd noise instead of his voice.

Do I have prove for this? No.

Do I need to prove? No, as again I can only share what I live and feel.

Is there an ultimate proof? Only you know, your inner voice will tell you.

Is there a need of an ultimate proof, the fact to ‘be right’? Not for me…

Consciousness Is. Always.

Wrapped in a body or not.



I Belong To The Crazy Ones – I Believe That Anything Is (Possible)


Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

I belong to the crazy ones. It is official. That being said, are there really ‘crazy ones’ ? Aren’t there only different perspectives on life and how to live it?

Yet, I face criticism, anger, disappointment from some of my friends. I call it criticism and anger, but for me it is none of that. Calling it like this means to label a simple expression, which is neither good nor bad. But for the sake of ‘easier understanding’, I use language which is anchored in duality🙂

The beauty in all these reflections is, that it doesn’t hurt or touch me. I feel, I live. I listen to their view on reality, on me and I embrace them. I respect and love their opinions, their way to live their lives.

Aren’t they me?

Am I not them?

Don’t I create my reality? And if they are in my creation, they reflect old memories, old behavior patterns, fears. If they are here, with me now, then because they allow me to see if there is still doubt within myself.

Yes, I might seem crazy to them. I decided to follow my heart and intuition and this means that I will not go back to my old professional life, I chose to do a 9 to 5 job which allows me to have time for myself and for my project to write a book, to do what I love. Those persons in my entourage who believe that what is the most important in life is a successful career with a well-paid job, power, marriage etc., well I totally understand that they must be scared and think that I am loosing it.

So it is.

They are part of my memories which I now release.

Thanks to them, I grow, I heal, I follow my intuition rather than fear of not making a lot of money at the moment or lacking ‘social recognition’.


Just as YOU ARE.